About Us

The Buffalo UP was established in 2018 by volunteers who believe in the importance of mutual understanding and tolerance, peace and human rights in developing a better community of Western NY.

Our Mission

The mission of Buffalo UP is to promote dialogue, friendship, and mutual understanding among different cultures, races, and religions.

Our Vision

Buffalo UP strives for a peaceful co-existence of communities that work together to solve educational, economical, and social issues.

Our Values

Buffalo UP stands for protecting human rights for respect and equal opportunities for all, embracing diversity to enrich our society, and promoting education to fight with all forms of ignorance.


Community Events

To strengthen the ties in the community, we organize picnics, community gatherings, and specific events to celebrate special days and times of the year.

Youth Programs

We organize Saturday and Sunday school for youth where they learn about good manners, active citizenship, and multiculturalism.

Interfaith Gatherings

Our members organize bi-weekly events to read and discuss spiritual texts through the lens of different walks of life.

Seminars & Workshops

We bring distinguished speakers to address critical issues influencing our society. We also provide workshops, lectures, and other educational activities on different issues of concern.

Cultural Activities

Our members meet the community through cooking class and coffee nights where they exchange cultural heritage with one another.

Charities & Relief

We organize charity initiatives and support relief projects to help immigrants and those suffering from a natural disaster or political oppression.

Nonprofit Organization

Buffalo UP is a non profit organization with the status of 501c3.


Past Events

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Buffalo UP - United for Peace